API Address Extension


The Bill To and Ship To addresses for the document.

This property enables you to specify the BillTo and ShipTo addresses by defining their component parts -- for example, the street name, city name, and country -- instead of specifying the address as free-text strings.

After setting the AddressExtension property, the system does the following:

  1. Clears the Address and Address2 properties.
  2. Creates BillTo and ShipTo addresses based on the values in the AddressExtension property. The address format is determined by the country's address format, which is specified at Administration --> Setup --> Business Partner --> Countries. The format used is either the format for the country specified in the BillToCountry or ShipToCountry property of the AddressExtension property or, if no country is specified, the company country.
  3. Copies these addresses to the Address and Address2 properties.

Property type

Read-only property


Visual Basic
Public Property AddressExtension() As AddressExtension


  • If both the AddressExtension BillTo properties and and the Address property are modified, the AddressExtension properties are cleared and the Address property is stored. The same is true for the AddressExtension ShipTo properties and Address2 property.
  • If only the AddressExtension BillTo properties are changed, then the Address property is updated, but the AddressExtension ShipTo properties and the Address2 property are not affected (and vice versa).


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Address Extension AddressExtension Object· Table: INV12 IGE12 IGN12
The Bill To and Ship To address for a marketing document. Source table: INV12
   Parent: Documents Documents Object· Table: OIGE OIGN

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