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API BP Withholding Tax / WT Code
WT Code Property


Sets or returns the withholding tax code assigned to the business partner.

Field name: WTCode.

Length: 4 characters.

This is a foreign key to the WithholdingTaxCodes object.

Property type

Read-write property


Visual Basic
Public Property WTCode() As String


This is a foreign key to WithholdingTaxCodes object.

Country-specific property for Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Austria, UK, Sweden, Spain, Italy, India, and Portugal.

For India localizations, if this property is set to yes, then the TaxId0 property of the BPFiscalTaxID object is mandatory and must be set to a 10-character value.

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BP Withholding Tax BPWithholdingTax Object· Table: CRD4
BPWithholdingTax is a child object of the BusinessPartners object that represents the withholding tax data related to the business partner. Source table: CRD4.
   Parent: Business Partners BusinessPartners Object· Table: OCRD

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