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This service manages bank statements drafts that can be posted in SAP Business One. The service lets you add, update, delete, get, and get list of bank statements.

Source tables: OBNH, OBNK, BNK1.

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Country-specific: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden.

In new 2006 A installations, the BankStatements service is activated by default.

When upgrading to 2006 A, the service is disabled. To activate it: in Administration > System Initialization > Company Details, choose the Basic Initialization tab and select Install Bank Statement Process.

You will not be able to use thise service if it is not activated.

When the BankStatement service is activated, you can use both this service and the BankPages object (without account that are in the accounts list of House Bank).


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SAP® B1 DI-API C# definition

public class BankStatementsServiceClass : IBankStatementsService, BankStatementsService { public extern BankStatementsServiceClass(); public virtual extern BankStatementParams AddBankStatement( BankStatement pIBankStatement); public virtual extern void DeleteBankStatement( BankStatementParams pIBankStatementParams); public virtual extern BankStatement GetBankStatement( BankStatementParams pIBankStatementParams); public virtual extern BankStatementsParams GetBankStatementList( BankStatementsFilter pIBankStatementsFilter); public virtual extern object GetDataInterface( BankStatementsServiceDataInterfaces enumMSDI); public virtual extern object GetDataInterfaceFromXMLFile( string bstrFileName); public virtual extern object GetDataInterfaceFromXMLString( string bstrXMLString); public virtual extern void UpdateBankStatement( BankStatement pIBankStatement); }

Related information

Bank Statements Service Data Interfaces BankStatementsServiceDataInterfaces Enumeration
BankStatementsService data interfaces.
   Parent: Bank Statements Service BankStatementsService Service

Bank Statements Filter BankStatementsFilter Object
This object fefines filtering properties for GetBankStatementList
   Parent: Bank Statements Service BankStatementsService Service

Bank Statements Params BankStatementsParams Collection
A data collection of BankStatementParams.
   Parent: Bank Statements Service BankStatementsService Service

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