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API Bo Deduction Tax Group Code Enum


Deduction tax groups.


dtgcInterestReceivers1Those receiving interest
dtgcEmployeeReceivingCommission2Employees receiving commissions
dtgcPaidServices6Those receiving paid services
dtgcPaymentsForCitizensInForeignCountries8Citizens in foreign countries
dtgcInvalidPaymentFromCompensationFund11Those receiving invalid Payments from a compensation fund
dtgcRepaymentToEmployerFromCompensationFund12Employers receiving repayment from a compensation fund
dtgcRentalPayments13Those receiving rental payments
dtgcPaymentsFromStudyFund14Those receiving payments from a study fund
dtgcDividendPayments18Those receiving dividend payments


For Israel only.

The group code can be one of the following:

01 - Interest Receivers
02 - Employee Receiving Commission
03 - Writers Price
06 - Paid Services
07 - Payments for citizens in foreign countries transferred by the bank
08 - Payments for citizens in foreign countries transferred by the bank
11 - Invalid Payment from Compensation Fund
12 - Repayment to Employer from Compensation Fund
13 - Rental payments that can be claimed as an expense
14 - Payments from Study Fund for Self-Employed

SAP® B1 DI-API C# definition

public enum BoDeductionTaxGroupCodeEnum { dtgcInterestReceivers = 1, dtgcEmployeeReceivingCommission = 2, dtgcWritersPrice = 3, dtgcPaidServices = 6, dtgcPaymentsToForeignCitizens = 7, dtgcPaymentsForCitizensInForeignCountries = 8, dtgcInvalidPaymentFromCompensationFund = 11, dtgcRepaymentToEmployerFromCompensationFund = 12, dtgcRentalPayments = 13, dtgcPaymentsFromStudyFund = 14, dtgcDividendPayments = 18 }

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