API Bo Fld Sub Types
Bo Fld Sub Types Enumeration


Indicate special field types supported by the SAP Business One application. Use this enumeration when working with User Defined Fields.


st_None0No special sub-type.
st_Address63Address format.
st_Phone35Phone format.
st_Time84Time format.
st_Rate82Double format with the system's rate accuracy.
st_Sum83Double format with the system's summery accuracy.
st_Price80Double format with the system's price accuracy.
st_Quantity81Double format with the system's quantity accuracy.
st_Percentage37Double format with the system's percentage accuracy.
st_Measurement77Double format with the system's measurement accuracy.
st_Link66Link format (mostly used for a web site links).
st_Image73Image format.

SAP® B1 DI-API C# definition

public enum BoFldSubTypes { st_None = 0, st_Phone = 35, st_Percentage = 37, st_Address = 63, st_Link = 66, st_Image = 73, st_Measurement = 77, st_Price = 80, st_Quantity = 81, st_Rate = 82, st_Sum = 83, st_Time = 84 }

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