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API Bo Frequency
Bo Frequency Enumeration


Specifies the cycle interval options for inventory counts.


bof_Daily0Every day.
bof_Weekly1Every week (in a specified Day in the week). Used also for order interval planning.
bof_Every4Weeks2Every four weeks (in a specified Day in the week).
bof_Monthly3Every month (in a specified Day in the month). Used also for order interval planning.
bof_HalfYearly5Every half year.
bof_Annually6Every year.
bof_OneTime7Single time.
bof_EveryXDays8Every X days. You must specify also the number of days in the Day property. Used for order interval planning.

SAP® B1 DI-API C# definition

public enum BoFrequency { bof_Daily, bof_Weekly, bof_Every4Weeks, bof_Monthly, bof_Quarterly, bof_HalfYearly, bof_Annually, bof_OneTime, bof_EveryXDays }

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