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API Budget Scenarios


BudgetScenarios is a business object that represents the budget scenarios used by the budget management in the Finance module.

This object enables you to:

  • Add a budget scenario.
  • Remove a budget scenario.
  • Retrieve a budget scenario by its key.
  • Update a budget scenario.
  • Cancel a budget scenario.
  • Close a budget scenario.
  • Save the object in XML format.

Source table: OBGS.

Object Model


Budget scenarios are used for the budgetary reports. Scenarios are used to create a prognosis of a particular situation in the company budget and to obtain important information about what the budgetary balance would be according to the selected scenario. Each budget scenario is assigned to a particular financial period.

To initialize the budget management:

  1. Select Administration --> System Initialization --> General Settings.
  2. In the Budget tab, select Budget Initialization.
  3. Set the budget initialization parameters and click OK.

To display the form in the application:

  • Select Financials --> Budget --> Budget Scenarios.

See Also

SAP® B1 DI-API C# definition

public class BudgetScenariosClass : IBudgetScenarios, BudgetScenarios { public virtual int BasicBudget { get; set; } public virtual DataBrowser Browser { get; } public virtual string DistributionRule { get; set; } public virtual string DistributionRule2 { get; set; } public virtual string DistributionRule3 { get; set; } public virtual string DistributionRule4 { get; set; } public virtual string DistributionRule5 { get; set; } public virtual double InitialRatioPercentage { get; set; } public virtual string Name { get; set; } public virtual int Numerator { get; } public virtual string Project { get; set; } public virtual BoRoundingMethod RoundingMethod { get; set; } public virtual DateTime StartofFiscalYear { get; set; } public virtual SAPbobsCOM.UserFields UserFields { get; } public extern BudgetScenariosClass(); public virtual extern int Add(); public virtual extern int Cancel(); public virtual extern string GetAsXML(); public virtual extern bool GetByKey( int lAbsID); public virtual extern int Remove(); public virtual extern void SaveToFile( string FileName); public virtual extern void SaveXML( ref string FileName); public virtual extern int Update(); }

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