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The BusinessPartnersService enables to transfer credit or debit amounts from a specified opening balance account to one or more business partner accounts. This service creates a journal entry line.

Mandatory properties: OpenBalanceAccount (OpenningBalanceAccount object) and Code (BPCode object).

This object enables user to open Balanced Account.

Source table: OCRD.


To use the service:

  1. Connect to a valid company.
  2. Call the CompanyService, which is the main DI service that you must call before using any other service.
  3. Call the method GetBusinessService for the required service.
  4. Create an empty data structure related to the required service.
    - or-
    You can create a data structure from an XML file or XML string.
  5. Set the required properties of the specified data structure.
  6. Call the required service method.

To display the form in the application:

Select Business Partners.


See Also

SAP® B1 DI-API C# definition

public class BusinessPartnersServiceClass : IBusinessPartnersService, BusinessPartnersService { public extern BusinessPartnersServiceClass(); public virtual extern void CreateOpenBalance( OpenningBalanceAccount pIOpenningBalanceAccount, BPCodes pBPCodes); public virtual extern object GetDataInterface( BusinessPartnersServiceDataInterfaces enumMSDI); public virtual extern object GetDataInterfaceFromXMLFile( string bstrFileName); public virtual extern object GetDataInterfaceFromXMLString( string bstrXMLString); }

Related information

Openning Balance Account OpenningBalanceAccount Object· Table: OOPB
OpenningBalanceAccount is a data structure related to the AccountsService and BusinessPartnersService. The data is stored temporarily in a virtual table.
   Parent: Business Partners Service BusinessPartnersService Service· Table: OCRD

Business Partners Service Data Interfaces BusinessPartnersServiceDataInterfaces Enumeration
BusinessPartnersService data interfaces.
   Parent: Business Partners Service BusinessPartnersService Service· Table: OCRD

BP Codes BPCodes Collection
BPCodes is a collection of BPCode data structures.
   Parent: Business Partners Service BusinessPartnersService Service· Table: OCRD

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