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Company Object


Company is the primary DI API object that represents a single SAP Business One company database. This object enables you to connect to the company database and to create business objects to use with the company database.

Object Model


The Company object is the only object of the DI API that you can create directly (for example, with New in Visual Basic). You can then use the Company object to create all other DI API objects.

To enable your add-on to support the side-by-side model, see Versions Compatibility.

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SAP® B1 DI-API C# definition

public class CompanyClass : ICompany, Company, _ICompanyEvents_Event { public virtual string AddonIdentifier { get; set; } public virtual object Application { set; } public virtual string AttachMentPath { get; } public virtual string BitMapPath { get; } public virtual string CompanyDB { get; set; } public virtual string CompanyName { get; } public virtual bool Connected { get; } public virtual string DbPassword { get; set; } public virtual BoDataServerTypes DbServerType { get; set; } public virtual string DbUserName { get; set; } public virtual object DTCTransactionObject { get; set; } public virtual string ExcelDocsPath { get; } public virtual bool InTransaction { get; } public virtual BoSuppLangs language { get; set; } public virtual string LicenseServer { get; set; } public virtual int MinimalSupportedVersion { get; } public virtual string Password { get; set; } public virtual string Server { get; set; } public virtual string UserName { get; set; } public virtual int UserSignature { get; } public virtual SAPbobsCOM.UserTables UserTables { get; } public virtual bool UseTrusted { get; set; } public virtual int Version { get; } public virtual string WordDocsPath { get; } public virtual bool XMLAsString { get; set; } public virtual BoXmlExportTypes XmlExportType { get; set; } public extern CompanyClass(); public virtual extern AuthenticateUserResultsEnum AuthenticateUser( string bstrUserName, string bstrPassword); public virtual extern int ChangePassword( string NewPassword); public virtual extern int Connect(); public virtual extern void Disconnect(); public virtual extern void EndTransaction(BoWfTransOpt endType); public virtual extern object GetBusinessObject(BoObjectTypes Object); public virtual extern object GetBusinessObjectFromXML( string FileName, int Index); public virtual extern string GetBusinessObjectXmlSchema( BoObjectTypes Object); public virtual extern DateTime GetCompanyDate(); public virtual extern Recordset GetCompanyList(); public virtual extern CompanyService GetCompanyService(); public virtual extern string GetCompanyTime(); public virtual extern string GetContextCookie(); public virtual extern DateTime GetDBServerDate(); public virtual extern string GetDBServerTime(); public virtual extern void GetLastError(out int errCode, out string errMsg); public virtual extern int GetLastErrorCode(); public virtual extern string GetLastErrorDescription(); public virtual extern void GetNewObjectCode(out string ObjectCode); public virtual extern string GetNewObjectKey(); public virtual extern string GetNewObjectType(); public virtual extern Recordset GetRegisteredServersList(); public virtual extern int GetXMLelementCount( string FileName); public virtual extern BoObjectTypes GetXMLobjectType( string FileName, int Index); public virtual extern int InvalidateCache( string TableName); public virtual extern bool IsDTCTransactionObjectSet(); public virtual extern int SetSboLoginContext( string conStr); public virtual extern void StartTransaction(); public virtual event _ICompanyEvents_ProgressIndicatorEventHandler ProgressIndicator; }

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Company Service CompanyService Service
The CompanyService enables to manage the company administration data. This includes the following tables: Administration data - OADM (AdminInfo object). Company data -  CINF (CompanyInfo object). Posting Periods - OACT (ChartOfAccounts...
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Get Company Service GetCompanyService Service
Creates a new CompanyService.
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Progress Indicator ProgressIndicator Event
Progress indicator for long process execution. To be supported in future releases.
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Authenticate User Results Enum AuthenticateUserResultsEnum Enumeration
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User Tables UserTables Collection
UserTables is a collection of UserTable objects.
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Bo Data Server Types BoDataServerTypes Enumeration
Database server types.
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Bo Supp Langs BoSuppLangs Enumeration
Defines the current resource language. Note: The languages marked with * (asterisk) are country-specific only.
   Parent: Company Company Object

Bo Xml Export Types BoXmlExportTypes Enumeration
Defines the type for exporting an object to XML.
   Parent: Company Company Object

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