API Cost Center Types Service


A cost center type is for selection by future reports and analyses.

The CostCenterTypesService service enables you to add, look up, update, and remove cost center types.

Source table: OCCT.

Object Model


To define cost center types, from the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose Financials --> Cost Accounting --> Cost Centers, in the Cost Center Type field, select Define New to open the Cost Center Type ? Setup window.

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SAP® B1 DI-API C# definition

public class CostCenterTypesServiceClass : ICostCenterTypesService, CostCenterTypesService { public extern CostCenterTypesServiceClass(); public virtual extern CostCenterTypeParams AddCostCenterType( CostCenterType pICostCenterType); public virtual extern void DeleteCostCenterType( CostCenterTypeParams pICostCenterTypeParams); public virtual extern CostCenterType GetCostCenterType( CostCenterTypeParams pICostCenterTypeParams); public virtual extern CostCenterTypesParams GetCostCenterTypeList(); public virtual extern object GetDataInterface( CostCenterTypesServiceDataInterfaces enumMSDI); public virtual extern object GetDataInterfaceFromXMLFile( string bstrFileName); public virtual extern object GetDataInterfaceFromXMLString( string bstrXMLString); public virtual extern void UpdateCostCenterType( CostCenterType pICostCenterType); }

Related information

Cost Center Types Service Data Interfaces CostCenterTypesServiceDataInterfaces Enumeration
CostCenterTypesService data interfaces.
   Parent: Cost Center Types Service CostCenterTypesService Service· Table: OCCT

Cost Center Types Params CostCenterTypesParams Collection
A collection of CostCenterTypeParams objects.
   Parent: Cost Center Types Service CostCenterTypesService Service· Table: OCCT

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