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The DataBrowser enables to navigate between records that are selected from the database or from XML formatted data. All business objects can call the DataBrowser object using the Browser property. You must use a Recordset object to initialize the DataBrowser object.

You cannot create a new DataBrowser object, it is invoked as a Browser property of a business object.

Object Model


To use the DataBrowser object, first create a new Recordset object, preform the required query, and then assign the Recordset object to the Recordset property of the DataBrowser object.

See Selecting Information Using the Recordset and DataBrowser Objects sample.


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SAP® B1 DI-API C# definition

public class DataBrowserClass : IDataBrowser, DataBrowser { public virtual bool BoF { get; } public virtual bool EoF { get; } public virtual int RecordCount { get; } public virtual SAPbobsCOM.Recordset Recordset { set; } public extern DataBrowserClass(); public virtual extern bool GetByKeys( string keysStr); public virtual extern void MoveFirst(); public virtual extern void MoveLast(); public virtual extern void MoveNext(); public virtual extern void MovePrevious(); public virtual extern void ReadXml( string XmlFileStr, int Index); public virtual extern void Refresh(); }

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