API Depreciation Method Enum


The depreciation method of the asset.


dmNoDepreciation0No depreciation is carried out
dmStraightLine1A method of distributing an asset's value evenly across its useful life. That is, the asset is depreciated by the same amount in each period.
dmStraightLinePeriodControl2A method that entails defining different factors used in depreciation calculation for different periods of an asset's useful life.
dmDecliningBalance3A method that entails applying a depreciation rate against the non-depreciated balance of an asset.

Instead of spreading the cost of the asset evenly over its useful life, the method depreciates the asset at a constant rate, which results in declining depreciation charges each successive period.

dmMultilevel4A method of applying different depreciation rates to an asset for different stages of an asset's useful life.
dmImmediateWriteOff5A method generally applied to low-value assets whose full value can be depreciated in the acquisition year.
dmSpecialDepreciation6A method of carrying out automatic special depreciation.
dmManualDepreciation7A method of carrying out manual special depreciation.
dmAccelerated8A method of carrying out accelerated depreciation.

SAP® B1 DI-API C# definition

public enum DepreciationMethodEnum { dmNoDepreciation, dmStraightLine, dmStraightLinePeriodControl, dmDecliningBalance, dmMultilevel, dmImmediateWriteOff, dmSpecialDepreciation, dmManualDepreciation, dmAccelerated }

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