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Represents a set of item discounts for a specific business partner.

Each business partner can be assigned a set of discounts, and each discount is associated with an item group, property, or manufacturer. If the business partner purchases an item that is associated with one of the specified groups, properties, or manufacturers, the business partner receives the corresponding discount.

All of the ObjectEntry keys point to the same type of object -- either group (ItemGroups object), property (ItemProperties object), or manufacturer (Manufacturers object) -- depending on the DiscountBaseObject property of the BusinessPartners object.

Source table: OSPG


If a business partner has one type of discount groups, for example for item groups, you can define any type of discount groups, for example for item manufacturers, as follows:

  1. Change the DiscountBaseObject of the BusinessPartners object to the new type (for example, item manufacturers).
  2. Add new rows to the DiscountGroups subobject of the BusinessPartners object.
  3. Update the BusinessPartners object. All rows in the DiscountGroups subobject related to the previous type are automatically deleted.

For a list of ways for setting discounts and special prices, see SpecialPrices.


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SAP® B1 DI-API C# definition

public class DiscountGroupsClass : IDiscountGroups, DiscountGroups { public virtual DiscountGroupBaseObjectEnum BaseObjectType { get; } public virtual string BPCode { get; } public virtual int Count { get; } public virtual double DiscountPercentage { get; set; } public virtual string ObjectEntry { get; set; } public extern DiscountGroupsClass(); public virtual extern void Add(); public virtual extern void Delete(); public virtual extern void SetCurrentLine(int LineNum); }

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