API Document Installments


A child object of Documents object representing the installments feature in marketing documents.

Source tables: INV6, OPCH6.

Object Model


To access installments in the application: Sales-A/R > A/R invoice > Accounting tab > Installments.


Creating Document with Two Installments (Visual Basic)
Sub Installments Try Dim oInv As SAPbobsCOM.Documents Dim oIns As SAPbobsCOM.Document_Installments 'Create Invoice Object oInv = oCompany.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oInvoices) 'Set Invoice Header Values oInv.CardCode = Some Card Code oInv.DocDueDate = Doc Date If optApplyTaxFirst.Checked = True Then oInv.ApplyTaxOnFirstInstallment = SAPbobsCOM.BoYesNoEnum.tYES End If 'Set Invoice Line Values oInv.Lines.ItemCode = Some Item Code oInv.Lines.Quantity = Quantity oInv.Lines.Price = Price 'Set Installments oIns = oInv.Installments 'Installment #1 oIns.DueDate = Installment #1 Date oIns.Percentage = Percentage oIns.Add() 'Installment #2, completes #1 to 100% oIns.DueDate = Installment #2 Date oIns.Percentage = Percentage lRetCode = oInv.Add ' Try to add the invoice to the database If lRetCode <> 0 Then oCompany.GetLastError(lErrCode, sErrMsg) MsgBox(lErrCode & " " & sErrMsg) ' Display error message Else MsgBox("Invoice Added to DataBase", MsgBoxStyle.Information, "Invoice Added") End If Catch ex As Exception MsgBox(ex.Message) End Try End Sub

See Also

SAP® B1 DI-API C# definition

public class Document_InstallmentsClass : IDocument_Installments, Document_Installments { public virtual int Count { get; } public virtual DateTime DueDate { get; set; } public virtual int DunningLevel { get; set; } public virtual int InstallmentId { get; } public virtual DateTime LastDunningDate { get; } public virtual BoYesNoEnum PaymentOrdered { get; } public virtual double Percentage { get; set; } public virtual double Total { get; set; } public virtual double TotalFC { get; set; } public virtual SAPbobsCOM.UserFields UserFields { get; } public extern Document_InstallmentsClass(); public virtual extern void Add(); public virtual extern void Delete(); public virtual extern void SetCurrentLine(int LineNum); }

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