API Down Payments To Draw


Represents down payments drawn into A/R or A/P invoices. The Documents.DownPaymentAmount property is updated with the total amount to draw.

Source tables: INV9, PCH9, RIN9, RPC9, DRF9

Object Model

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SAP® B1 DI-API C# definition

public class DownPaymentsToDrawClass : IDownPaymentsToDraw, DownPaymentsToDraw { public virtual double AmountToDraw { get; set; } public virtual double AmountToDrawFC { get; set; } public virtual double AmountToDrawSC { get; set; } public virtual int Count { get; } public virtual string Details { get; } public virtual int DocEntry { get; set; } public virtual int DocInternalID { get; } public virtual int DocNumber { get; } public virtual SAPbobsCOM.DownPaymentsToDrawDetails DownPaymentsToDrawDetails { get; } public virtual DownPaymentTypeEnum DownPaymentType { get; } public virtual DateTime DueDate { get; } public virtual double GrossAmountToDraw { get; set; } public virtual double GrossAmountToDrawFC { get; set; } public virtual double GrossAmountToDrawSC { get; set; } public virtual BoYesNoEnum IsGrossLine { get; } public virtual string Name { get; } public virtual DateTime PostingDate { get; } public virtual int RowNum { get; } public virtual double Tax { get; } public virtual double TaxFC { get; } public virtual double TaxSC { get; } public extern DownPaymentsToDrawClass(); public virtual extern void Add(); public virtual extern void SetCurrentLine(int LineNum); }

Related information

Down Payments To Draw Details DownPaymentsToDrawDetails Object
Represents detail lines for the DownPaymentsToDraw object. Source tables: INV11,  PCh21, RIN11, RPC11, DRF11
   Parent: Down Payments To Draw DownPaymentsToDraw Object

Down Payment Type Enum DownPaymentTypeEnum Enumeration
Down payment document types.
   Parent: Down Payments To Draw DownPaymentsToDraw Object

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