API Down Payments To Draw / Gross Amount To Draw SC


The gross amount (with tax) drawn to the invoice in system currency.

Field name: GrossSc

Property type

Read-write property


Visual Basic
Public Property GrossAmountToDrawSC() As Double

See Also

Related information

Down Payments To Draw Details DownPaymentsToDrawDetails Object
Represents detail lines for the DownPaymentsToDraw object. Source tables: INV11,  PCh21, RIN11, RPC11, DRF11
   Parent: Down Payments To Draw DownPaymentsToDraw Object

Down Payment Type Enum DownPaymentTypeEnum Enumeration
Down payment document types.
   Parent: Down Payments To Draw DownPaymentsToDraw Object

Down Payments To Draw DownPaymentsToDraw Object
Represents down payments drawn into A/R or A/P invoices. The Documents.DownPaymentAmount property is updated with the total amount to draw. Source tables: INV9,  PCH9, RIN9, RPC9, DRF9
   Parent: Documents Documents Object· Table: OIGE OIGN

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