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Employee ID Property


Sets or returns the employee ID, which SAP Business One generates automatically when adding a new employee.

Field name: empID.

This is a foreign key to the EmployeesInfo object.

Property type

Read-write property


Visual Basic
Public Property EmployeeID() As Long

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Employee Roles Info EmployeeRolesInfo Object· Table: HEM6
A child object of the EmployeesInfo object that represents the employee roles, for example, technician, sales employee and purchasing. Source table: HEM6.
   Parent: Employees Info EmployeesInfo Object· Table: OHEM

Employees Info EmployeesInfo Object· Table: OHEM
EmployeesInfo is a business object that represents the employee master data in the Human Resources module. This object enables you to: Add employee's details. Retrieve employee's details by its key. Update employee's details. Save the...

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