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API Form Preferences Service / Form Preferences Service Data Interfaces


FormPreferencesService data interfaces.


fpsdiColumnsPreferences0ColumnsPreferences data interface
fpsdiColumnsPreferencesParams1ColumnsPreferencesParams data interface

SAP® B1 DI-API C# definition

public enum FormPreferencesServiceDataInterfaces { fpsdiColumnsPreferences, fpsdiColumnsPreferencesParams }

Related information

Columns Preferences ColumnsPreferences Collection
ColumnsPreferences is a collection of ColumnPreferences data structures.
   Parent: Form Preferences Service FormPreferencesService Service

Columns Preferences Params ColumnsPreferencesParams Object· Table: CPRF
The ColumnsPreferencesParams  specifies the identification key combination (user and FormId) for which the FormPreferencesService is related. Source table: CPRF.
   Parent: Form Preferences Service FormPreferencesService Service

Form Preferences Service FormPreferencesService Service
The FormPreferencesService manages the display preferences of a specified form for a specified user. Form preferences include settings such as, column width, visual order of columns, and more.

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