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API Item Cycle Count


ItemCycleCount object hold the information when an item will go through cycle counting.

Each Item has a few Warehouses and each Warehouse has one ItemCycleCount.

Source table: ITW1

Object Model


Adding an item to a cycle count (Visual Basic)
Dim oItem As Items Dim oWhareHouse As ItemWarehouseInfo oItem = oCompany.GetBusinessObject(BoObjectTypes.oItems) 'get item oItem.GetByKey("X0003") 'get warehouse oWhareHouse = oItem.WhsInfo 'set an existind cycle count (e.g CycleCode=1 : CycleName:"Weekly on Tuesday" ,OCYC table) oWhareHouse.ItemCycleCount.CycleCode = 1 'set alert oWhareHouse.ItemCycleCount.Alert = BoYesNoEnum.tYES 'set user oWhareHouse.ItemCycleCount.DestinationUser = 1 'update item with new Cycle Count oItem.Update()

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SAP® B1 DI-API C# definition

public class ItemCycleCountClass : IItemCycleCount, ItemCycleCount { public virtual BoYesNoEnum Alert { get; set; } public virtual DateTime AlertTime { get; set; } public virtual int Count { get; } public virtual int CycleCode { get; set; } public virtual int DestinationUser { get; set; } public virtual DateTime NextCountingDate { get; set; } public virtual SAPbobsCOM.UserFields UserFields { get; } public virtual string WarehouseCode { get; set; } public extern ItemCycleCountClass(); }

DTW Inventory / Item Master Data
API Item Cycle Count


Returns the ItemCycleCount object.

Property type

Read-only property


Visual Basic
Public Property ItemCycleCount() As ItemCycleCount

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