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Text Property


Sets or returns the message text.

Field name: UserText.

Length: 64,000 characters.

Property type

Read-write property


Visual Basic
Public Property Text() As String

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Related information

Message Data Columns MessageDataColumns Collection
MessageDataColumns is a collection of MessageDataColumn data stractures. This enables to attache data to a message, such as invoice or quatation, that exits in the company database. The MessageDataColumns collection represents the columns of...
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Recipient Collection RecipientCollection Collection
RecipientCollection is a collection of Recipient data structures. It represents the list of receipients of a message (replaces the Recipients object - backward compatibilty is maintained).
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Message Message Object· Table: OALR
Message is a data structure related to the MessagesService. It includes properties related to the message content, such as subject, text, attached file, and attached data. Source table: OALR.
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