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Messages Object


Messages is a business object that represents the messages in the Administration module. This object enables you to send messages through SAP Business One messaging service.

You can use the MessagesService, which enables more functions than the Messages object.

Source table: OALR.

Object Model


To display the form in the application:

  • From the main menu bar, select File --> Send --> Send Message.


See Also

SAP® B1 DI-API C# definition

public class MessagesClass : IMessages, Messages { public virtual int AttachmentEntry { get; set; } public virtual SAPbobsCOM.Attachments Attachments { get; } public virtual string MessageText { get; set; } public virtual BoMsgPriorities Priority { get; set; } public virtual SAPbobsCOM.Recipients Recipients { get; } public virtual string Subject { get; set; } public extern MessagesClass(); public virtual extern int Add(); public virtual extern void AddDataColumn(string Title, string Text, BoObjectTypes Object, string ObjectKey); }

Related information

Bo Msg Priorities BoMsgPriorities Enumeration
Defines a priority flag to a message or a contact activity.
   Parent: Messages Messages Object· Table: OALR

Recipients Recipients Object· Table: AOB1
Recipients is a business object that represents the recipients' list of a message or alert. This object enables you to add recipient information to the recipients list for sending messages. You can use the RecipientCollection and...
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Message Message Object· Table: OALR
Message is a data structure related to the MessagesService. It includes properties related to the message content, such as subject, text, attached file, and attached data. Source table: OALR.
   Parent: Messages Service MessagesService Service

Messages Service MessagesService Service
This service enables to manage the Inbox and Outbox messages, and to send messages.

Approval Requests Service ApprovalRequestsService Service· Table: OWDD
ApprovalRequestsService is a business object that manages the approval requests process in the SAP Business One environment. This object enables users to do the following: Get an approval request from the approval process. Get a list of...

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