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API Nature Of Assessee


Represents a type of assessee in order to determine the tax rate for TDS (withholding tax).

Source table: ONOA

Mandatory properties: Code, Description


For India only.

Mandatory properties: Code, Description

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SAP® B1 DI-API C# definition

public class NatureOfAssesseeClass : INatureOfAssessee, NatureOfAssessee { public virtual int AbsEntry { get; } public virtual AssesseeTypeEnum AssesseeType { get; set; } public virtual string Code { get; set; } public virtual string Description { get; set; } public extern NatureOfAssesseeClass(); public virtual extern void FromXMLFile( string bstrFileName); public virtual extern void FromXMLString( string bstrXML); public virtual extern string GetXMLSchema(); public virtual extern void ToXMLFile( string bstrFileName); public virtual extern string ToXMLString(); }

Related information

Assessee Type Enum AssesseeTypeEnum Enumeration
A type of nature of assessee that is subject to TDS (withholding tax).
   Parent: Nature Of Assessee NatureOfAssessee Object· Table: ONOA

Nature Of Assessees Service NatureOfAssesseesService Service· Table: ONOA
The NatureOfAssesseesService service enables you to add, look up and remove nature of assessees in the nature of assessee master data table. Nature of assessees are used to specify a type of entity subject to TDS (withholding tax). Source...

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