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API Print On Enum
Print On Enum Enumeration


Paper types for printing checks.


poBlankPaper0Prints checks on a blank paper. For example, can be used for printing draft checks.
poOverflowCheckStock1Prints checks on a check stock paper and in case of overflow (that is, the number of lines in the stub exceeds the value of MaximumLines) then the system prints VOID on the next check and cancels its number (the number of the voided check cannot be used).
poOverflowBlankPaper2Prints checks on a check paper and in case of overflow (that is, the number of lines in the appendix exceedes the value of MaximumLines) the system displays a message to change to plain paper, then prints the remaining lines on the plain paper.

This enables to keep consecutive check numbers without voiding checks.

poDefault3Prints checks on a check paper, which includes an appendix for each check.

SAP® B1 DI-API C# definition

public enum PrintOnEnum { poBlankPaper, poOverflowCheckStock, poOverflowBlankPaper, poDefault }

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