API Recordset / Do Query
Do Query Method


Runs SQL queries.


Visual Basic
Public Sub DoQuery( _
   ByVal QueryStr As String _



Specifies a query string, which contains the SQL query commands you want to run.

Return Type

-2000 ODBC Error.


If the method is successful, the object will contain the returned query result set.

Limitation: Only one expression can be specified in the select list when the subquery is not introduced with EXISTS.


The following example shows the DoQuery and MoveNext methods.
DoQuery and MoveNext methods sample (Visual Basic)
Dim Count As Long Dim FldName As String Dim FldVal As String Dim i As Long Dim RecSet As SAPbobsCOM.Recordset Set RecSet = vCmp.GetBusinessObject(BoRecordset) RecSet.DoQuery ("select * from OADM") Count = RecSet.Fields.Count While RecSet.EOF = False 'The inner loop runs over all the fields in one record (line) of the table For i = 0 To Count - 1 FldName = RecSet.Fields.Item(i).Name FldVal = RecSet.Fields.Item(i).Value 'Here you can manipulate the data as you want Next i 'Move to the next record RecSet.MoveNext Wend

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