API Serial Numbers


SerialNumbers is a business object that represents the serial numbers and additional tracking information of items. This object is part of the Inventory and Production module.

Source table: OSRN, OITL, ITL1.

Object Model


This object helps you to track items using their serial number. A computer, for example, can be located by its serial number. The serial number can provide additional information regarding a specific item such as its manufacturing date, warranty data, location in warehouse, and so on.

To display the form in the application:

  1. Select Inventory --> Item Management --> Serial Number --> Serial Numbers Management.
  2. Set your selection criteria and click OK. (The form will appear only if Serial Numbers are defined for the selected items.)

To de-allocate batches without actually remove them from stock (based Delivery), update SO so that it has no batches defined - it works this way in the UI and should work in DI the same - if not it should be fixed. Please note that batches allocated by Reserve Invoice canNOT be deallocated this way since we do not support Reserve Invoice updating. Batches allocated by Reserve Invoice can only be drawn to the Delivery/Invoice.

See Also

SAP® B1 DI-API C# definition

public class SerialNumbersClass : ISerialNumbers, SerialNumbers { public virtual int BaseLineNumber { get; set; } public virtual string BatchID { get; set; } public virtual int Count { get; } public virtual DateTime ExpiryDate { get; set; } public virtual string InternalSerialNumber { get; set; } public virtual string Location { get; set; } public virtual DateTime ManufactureDate { get; set; } public virtual string ManufacturerSerialNumber { get; set; } public virtual string Notes { get; set; } public virtual double Quantity { get; set; } public virtual DateTime ReceptionDate { get; set; } public virtual int SystemSerialNumber { get; set; } public virtual int TrackingNote { get; set; } public virtual int TrackingNoteLine { get; set; } public virtual SAPbobsCOM.UserFields UserFields { get; } public virtual DateTime WarrantyEnd { get; set; } public virtual DateTime WarrantyStart { get; set; } public extern SerialNumbersClass(); public virtual extern void Add(); public virtual extern void SetCurrentLine(int LineNum); }

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