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API User Menu Service / Update Current User Menu


Replace current User Menu with another User menu (UserMenuItems).


Visual Basic
Public Sub UpdateCurrentUserMenu( _
   ByVal pIUserMenuItems As UserMenuItems _



The UserMenuItems data collection that defines the new user menu.


Update Current User Menu
UpdateCurrentUserMenu (Visual Basic)
Dim oUserMenuItems As UserMenuItems Dim oUserMenuItem As UserMenuItem 'get Current User Menu oUserMenuItems = oUserMenuService.GetCurrentUserMenu() 'get the first menu item oUserMenuItem = oUserMenuItems.Item(0) 'set the menu item name oUserMenuItem.Name = "My Forms" 'update the User Menu oUserMenuService.UpdateCurrentUserMenu(oUserMenuItems)

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The UserMenuParams specifies the identification key (UserID) for which the UserMenuService is related. Source table: CUMI.
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User Menu Service Data Interfaces UserMenuServiceDataInterfaces Enumeration
UserMenuService data interfaces.
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User Menu Service UserMenuService Service· Table: CUMI
UserMenuService manages the user menu. Source table: CUMI. The service maintains a collection of user menus, each identified by a specific value of UserMenuParams. It enables the user to: Get current user menu definition. Get any user...

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