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Add Method


Adds a new table to the User-Defined Tables collection. The new table includes two columns by default: Code and Name, where the Code column is the primary key of the specific user table.


Visual Basic
Public Function Add() As Long


When adding a user table, SAP Business One automatically adds the symbol @ as a prefix to the table name. For example, if you add a table named ABC, the resulting table name is @ABC. When referring to a user-defined table, you must use the name including the prefix @.

When adding a user table and assigning it a TableName, the DI API creates the table with an upper case name. By default, Microsoft SQL Server is not case sensitive. If it is configured to be case sensitive, make sure to specify the table name in upper-case when using the DoQuery method of the Recordset object.

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Specifies the table types for user defined tables.
   Parent: User Tables MD UserTablesMD Object· Table: OUTB

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