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SBO SQL database table details

Approval Templates
TransTypeOriginal DocumentnVarChar
23) Sales Quotation
17) Sales Order
15) Delivery
16) Returns
203) A/R Down Payment
13) A/R Invoice
165) A/R Correction Invoice
166) A/R Correction Invoice Reversal
14) A/R Credit Memo
132) Correction Invoice
(-0) (-
1470000113) Purchase Request
540000006) Purchase Quotation
22) Purchase Order
20) Goods Receipt PO
21) Goods Returns
204) A/P Down Payment
18) A/P Invoice
163) A/P Correction Invoice
164) A/P Correction Invoice Reversal
19) A/P Credit Memo
(-1) (-
59) Goods Receipt
60) Goods Issue
1250000001) Inventory Transfer Request
67) Inventory Transfer
1470000065) Inventory Counting
310000001) Inventory Opening Balance
10000071) Inventory Posting
(-2) (-
46) Outgoing Payment
(-3) (-

SELECT statement

SELECT WTM3.WtmCode AS 'Code', WTM3.TransType AS 'Original Document' FROM WTM3 AS WTM3

Related information

Approval Template Document ApprovalTemplateDocument Object· Table: WTM3
ApprovalTemplateDocument is a data structure related to the ApprovalTemplatesService. Source table: WTM3.
   Parent: Approval Template Documents ApprovalTemplateDocuments Collection· Table: WTM3

Approval Template Documents ApprovalTemplateDocuments Collection· Table: WTM3
ApprovalTemplateDocuments is a Data Collection of ApprovalTemplateDocument data structures. Source table: WTM3.
   Parent: Approval Template ApprovalTemplate Object· Table: OWTM
Approval Templates OWTM SQL Table

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