API Withholding Tax Data


WithholdingTaxData is a child object of Documents object and represents the Withholding tax table related to the document.

Source tables: INV5, RIN5, RDN5, RDN5, PCH5, RPC5, DPI5, DPO5, DRF5.

The WithholdingTaxData object is relevant only to the following document types:

  • Documents(oInvoices), Documents(oCorrectionInvoice), Documents(oCorrectionInvoiceReversal) - OINV
  • Documents(oCreditNotes) - ORIN
  • Documents(oReturns) - ORDN
  • Documents(oPurchaseInvoices), Documents(oCorrectionPurchaseInvoice), Documents(oCorrectionPurchaseInvoiceReversal) - OPCH
  • Documents(oPurchaseCreditNotes) - ORPC
  • Documents(oDownPaymentsInput) - ODPI (not exposed through the DI API)
  • Documents(oDownPaymentsOutput) - ODPO (not exposed through the DI API)
  • Documents(oDrafts) - ODRF

Object Model


The data for the Withholding tax table consists on WithholdingTaxCodes definitions.

To define withholding tax codes in the application:

  • Select Administration --> Setup --> Financials --> Tax --> Withholding Tax.

To display the form in the application:

  1. Select a document (for example, select Sales - A/R --> A/R Invoice).
  2. From the main menu, select Go to --> WT Table.

See Also

SAP® B1 DI-API C# definition

public class WithholdingTaxDataClass : IWithholdingTaxData, WithholdingTaxData { public virtual int BaseDocEntry { get; set; } public virtual int BaseDocLine { get; set; } public virtual int BaseDocType { get; set; } public virtual int BaseDocumentReference { get; } public virtual string BaseType { get; } public virtual string Category { get; } public virtual int Count { get; } public virtual string Criteria { get; } public virtual string GLAccount { get; } public virtual int LineNum { get; } public virtual double Rate { get; } public virtual string RoundingType { get; } public virtual BoStatus Status { get; } public virtual int TargetAbsEntry { get; } public virtual int TargetDocumentType { get; } public virtual double TaxableAmount { get; set; } public virtual double TaxableAmountFC { get; set; } public virtual double TaxableAmountinSys { get; set; } public virtual SAPbobsCOM.UserFields UserFields { get; } public virtual string WithholdingType { get; } public virtual double WTAmount { get; set; } public virtual double WTAmountFC { get; set; } public virtual double WTAmountSys { get; set; } public virtual string WTCode { get; set; } public extern WithholdingTaxDataClass(); public virtual extern void Add(); public virtual extern void SetCurrentLine(int LineNum); }

Related information

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