TNN1 1099 Boxes
OTNN 1099 Forms
OTOB 1099 Opening Balance
OCHF 312
ARI1 Add-On
OARI Add-On - Company Definitions
OADF Address Formats
OADM Administration
AADM Administration - Log
ADM2 Administration Electronic Report
ADM1 Administration Extension
AAD1 Administration Extension-Log
OALR Alerts
ALT1 Alerts - Users
OALT Alerts Template
SPRG Application Start
OWTM Approval Templates
WTM3 Approval Templates - Documents
WTM1 Approval Templates - Producers
WTM5 Approval Templates - Queries
WTM4 Approval Templates - Terms
AUSR Archive Users - History
NFN3 Assigned Nota Fiscal Series
OATC Attachments
ATC1 Attachments - Rows
GPC1 Authority Assignment
OBDC B1i DI Configuration
ODLL Bar Code Algorithm File
OOCC BoE Occurrence Code
BPL1 Branch I.E. Numbers
BPL2 Branch Tributary Info.
ABP2 Branch Tributary Info. Log
OBSI Brazil String Indexer
OBMI Brazilian Multi-Indexer
DGP4 Business Place List
ABP1 Business Place Tax IDs
CHEN Caching Update Notification
TDR1 Can Be Archive
OCCD Cargo Customs Declaration Numbers
OCFX Cash Flow Forecast Object Types
OCSN Certificate Series
CSN1 Certificate Series - Series
ACFP CFOP for Nota Fiscal
OCFP CFOP for Nota Fiscal
ODCR Checking Rule
CHFL Choose from List Format
OCDP Closing Date Procedure
CPRF Column Preferences
OCSQ Column Sequences
AINF Company Info
CINF Company Info
OTIZ Company Time Zone
CULG Company Upgrade Log
OCIF Configuration of Intrastat Fields
OWST Confirmation Level
WST1 Confirmation Level - Rows
WTM2 Confirmation Templates - Stages
OBOI Count Widget
OCNT Counties
OCRY Countries
CIF1 Country Specific Information
OCDT Credit Card Payment
ACRC Credit Cards
OCRC Credit Cards
OCSC Crystal Server Configuration
ATSC CST Code for Nota Fiscal
OTSC CST Code for Nota Fiscal
OCRN Currency Codes
DGP1 Customer List
OCMN Customized Menu
DAR3 Data Archive - Handwritten Documents
DAR1 Data Archive - Transaction Log
DAR2 Data Archive - Transaction Log
DADB Data Archive DSA Balance
DATB Data Archive Tax Balance
ODAR Data Archiving
ODMW Data Migration
ODOX Data Ownership - Exceptions
ODOW Data Ownership - Objects
OSHP Delivery Types
OMLS Distribution List
MLS1 Distribution Lists - Recipients
ODGP Document Generation Parameter Sets
ONNM Document Numbering
NNM5 Document Numbering - Removed Serial Numbers
NNM1 Documents Numbering - Series
NNM6 Documents Numbering - Supplementary Code
NNM3 Documents Numbering -Belgium Series
CDRO Drag & Relate - Output Fields
CDRU Drag & Relate User Settings
ORIT Dunning Interest Rate
SDEX Dynamic Extensions
SDIS Dynamic Interface (Strings)
ALR3 Dynamic message data cells
ALR2 Dynamic message data row
CDPM Dynamic Permission
NNM4 Electronic Series
OENC Encryption Types
EOY1 End of Year UDOs
OEOY End-of-Year Transfer
OERN Excise Register Numbering
OERX Excise Register Numbering Ext
OERT Excise Register Numbering Type
ERX1 Excise Registering Number-Rows
DGP3 Expanded Consolidation Options
DGP2 Expanded Selection Criteria
OFRM File Format
OFTT Financial Template Import
FTT1 Financial Template Import - Files
CUMF Folder
AEXD Freight Setup
OEXD Freight Setup
OGSP Goods Shipment
OGPC Government Payment Code
OGFL Grid Filter
GFL2 Grid Filter Name
GFL1 Grid Filter Rules
UGR1 Group Authorization
OTPL Import Template
MAP1 Input and Output of Mapping
AWL2 Input data for tasks
WLS2 Input data for tasks
RIT1 Interest Rates
ODCI Intrastat Configuration
TCD2 Key Field Values
TCD1 Key Fields for Determination
OLLF Legal List Format
OPVL Lender - Pelecard
OALC Loading Expenses
OJPE Local Era Calendar
OLTB Location-based Tax Bal Table
NFN4 Manual Nota Fiscal Number
OMPS Map Services
OMAP Mapping Elements
MAP2 Mapping Input and Output Relation
OMDC Master Data Cleanup
MDC1 Master Data Cleanup - Log
MDC2 Master Data Cleanup - MD Log
OMTP Material Type
OMPF Message Preferences
OAOB Message Sent
OMSG Messaging Service Settings
OMAO Mobile Add-On Setting
OMLT Multi-Language Translation
OTRN Multilingual Service Table
CUMI My Menu Items
ONOA Nature of Assessee
NFN2 NFSeq User Default
NFN1 Not a Fiscal Sequence
ONFN Nota Fiscal Numbering
ONFT Nota Fiscal Tax Category (Brazil)
WLS3 Notes of Tasks
ADP1 Object Settings - History
OPPA Password Administration
OCRP Payment Methods
OPID Period Indicator
OPOS POS Master Data
AWL1 Potential Processor of Tasks
WLS1 Potential Processor of Tasks
OPRF Preferences
OADP Print Preferences
AADP Print Preferences
PCI1 Process Checklist Element Extended Data
OPCI Process Checklist Instance
OPCT Process Checklist Template
APJT Project Plan
OPJT Project Plan
APJ1 Project Plan Steps
PJT1 Project Plan Steps
APJ2 Project Plan Steps Time Record
PJT2 Project Plan Steps Time Record
OPRO Property Object
PQW1 Purchase Quotation Generation: Line Items
OPQW Purchase Quotation Generation: Parameter Sets
DMW1 Query List
ALR1 Queue of messages to be sent
CPL1 Quick Copy - Instance Log
OCPC Quick Copy Config.
OCPL Quick Copy Log Manager
DBADM Read-Only DB User
OAIB Received Alerts
ORLD Reference Links Definition
RLD1 Reference Links Definition
ORMK Remark 1
ADP2 Report Settings - History
USR2 Run External Application
OSTA Sales Tax Authorities
ASTT Sales Tax Authorities Type
OSTT Sales Tax Authorities Type
ASTC Sales Tax Codes
OSTC Sales Tax Codes
AST1 Sales Tax Codes - Rows
STC1 Sales Tax Codes - Rows
OSEC Sections
AOB1 Sent Messages - User History
OSRL Serial Numbers
NNM2 Series Default
OSSP Service Supply
USR1 Short Cut
CSPI Solution Packager Information
DGP5 Sort By List
VIEWS SQL Company Views
OCST States
TRN1 Subtable of OTRN
TRN2 Subtable of OTRN
OSUS Support Usage Statistics
AWFQ SWFQ History Table
AWL5 Task Field Mapping Information
WLS5 Task Field Mapping Information
AWL3 Task Notes
AWL4 Task Output Data
WLS4 Task Output Data
TCD5 Tax Code by Usage
OTCD Tax Code Determination
OTCX Tax Code Determination
TCD3 Tax Code Determination
AFML Tax Formula Master Table
OFML Tax Formula Master Table
AFM1 Tax Formula Parameter Declaration
FML1 Tax Formula Parameter Declaration
OTPS Tax Parameter
TPS2 Tax Parameter - Return Values
OTPA Tax Parameter Attributes
TPS1 Tax Parameter Attributes
OTPR Tax Return Values
OTFC Tax Type Combination
TFC1 Tax Type Combination - Rows
TPL1 Template - Records
CTBR Toolbars
OTNC Transaction Category
MLT1 Translations in user language
OIND Triangular Deal
CUPC Upgrade Control
OUSG Usage of Nota Fiscal
USR5 User Access Log
USR3 User Authorization
UPT1 User Authorization Tree - Extended Permission
OUPT User Autorization Tree
OUDG User Defaults
UDG2 User Defaults - Credit Cards
UDG1 User Defaults - Documents
CUDC User Display Cat.
CUFD User Fields - Description
UFD1 User Fields - Values Definitions
OUKD User Key Description
OLNG User Language Table
UKD1 User Sub-Keys Description
OUTB User Tables
CUVV User Validations
OUDO User-Defined Object
UDO1 User-Defined Objects - Child
UDO4 User-Defined Objects - Child Table Columns
UDO2 User-Defined Objects - Find Columns
UDO3 User-Defined Objects - Found Columns
CSHS User-Defined Values
OUSR Users
STA1 Valid Period
OVNM VAT Report Numbering
TCD4 Withholding Tax Code Determination
OWFI Workflow - Instances
AWLS Workflow - Task Details
OWLS Workflow - Task Details
AWEX Workflow Engine Execution Entity
OWEX Workflow Engine Execution Entity
OWIN Workflow Engine Information
AWTS Workflow Engine Task Table
OWTS Workflow Engine Task Table
OWFER Workflow Error Message
OWJB Workflow Job Entity
AWMG Workflow Manager
OWMG Workflow Manager
OWTI Workflow Timer Definition
OWTJ Workflow Timer Job
CSTN Workstation ID
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