OBCG Bank Charge for Bank Transfers
OBCA Bank Charges Allocation Codes
ODSC Bank Codes
BNK1 Bank Statement - Documents List
OMTC Bank Statement - Matching Criteria
BNK2 Bank Statement - Recommendation List
OBNH Bank Statement Header
MTH2V Bank Statements of External Reconciliation
OBOT Bill Of Exchang Transaction
OBOE Bill of Exchange for Payment
ABOE Bill of Exchange for Payment - History
BOE1 Bill of Exchange for Payment - Rows
BOT1 Bill of Exchange Transactions
ODTY BoE Document Type
OIST BoE Instruction
OPTF BoE Portfolio
OBST BoE Stamp Tax
RTW2 Boleto Retorno Wizard: Import Archive
RTW1 Boleto Retorno Wizard: Import Table
ORTW Boleto Retorno Wizard: Parameter Sets
OUBR Branches
OPBU Budget ID
OCBI Central Bank Ind.
TPW5 Challan Information
OCHH Check Register
OCHO Checks for Payment
ACHO Checks for Payment - History
CHO2 Checks for Payment - Print Status
CHO1 Checks for Payment - Rows
ACH1 Checks for Payment - Rows - History
OCHD Checks for Payment Drafts
CHD1 Checks for Payment Drafts - Rows
OCRH Credit Card Management
OCRV Credit Payments
ARC3 Credit Vouchers History
PYM1 Currency Selection
OUDP Departments
ODPS Deposit
DPS1 Deposit - Rows
OPBD Document Type
ABOC External Bank Operation Code - Log
BOC1 External Bank Operation Code - Rows
ABO1 External Bank Operation Code - Rows - Log
OBOC External Bank Operation Code Category
OBNK External Bank Statement Received
MTH3V Filter for Query MTH
ADS1 House Bank Accounts
DSC1 House Bank Accounts
ORCT Incoming Payment
RCT4 Incoming Payment - Account List
ARC4 Incoming Payment - Account List - History
RCT1 Incoming Payment - Checks
ARC1 Incoming Payment - Checks - History
RCC4 Incoming Payment - Credit Vouchers
ARCT Incoming Payment - History
ARC2 Incoming Payment - Invoices - History
PMV8 Incoming Payment - TDS Entries
RCT8 Incoming Payment - TDS Entries
TMP8 Incoming Payment - TDS Entries
ARC8 Incoming Payment - TDS Entries - History
OPOI Incoming Payment Order
RCT2 Incoming Payments - Invoices
ARC7 Incoming Payments - Tax Amount per Document - History
RCT6 Incoming Payments - WTax Rows
ARC6 Incoming Payments - WTax Rows - History
RCT3 Incoming Pmt - Credit Vouchers
RCT7 Incoming Pmt - Tax Amount per Document
CTG1 Installment Layout
OBTC Internal Bank Operation Codes
ABTC Internal Bank Operation Codes - Log
BTC1 Internal Bank Operation Codes - Accounts
ABT1 Internal Bank Operation Codes - Accounts - Log
OIPO Internal Payment Order Number
OITR Internal Reconciliation
ITR1 Internal Reconciliation - Rows
MTH1V Journal Entries of External Reconciliation
TPW6 Journal Entry Information
VPM8 Outgoing Payment - TDS Entries
OPOO Outgoing Payment Order
OVPM Outgoing Payments
VPM4 Outgoing Payments - Accounts
VPM1 Outgoing Payments - Check Rows
VPM3 Outgoing Payments - Credit Vouchers
VPM2 Outgoing Payments - Invoices
VPM7 Outgoing Payments - Tax Amount per Document
VPM5 Outgoing Payments - Vat Adjustment
VPM6 Outgoing Payments - WTax Rows
TPW2 Payable Information
PMN5 Payment - VAT Adjustment
OPYB Payment Block
OPDF Payment Draft
PDF4 Payment Draft - Account List
PDF1 Payment Draft - Checks
PDF3 Payment Draft - Credit Vouchers
PDF2 Payment Draft - Invoices
PDF7 Payment Draft - Tax Amount per Document
PDF8 Payment Draft - TDS Entries
PDF6 Payment Drafts - Withholding Tax - Rows
OPYM Payment Methods for Payment Wizard
OPYR Payment Reason
OPEX Payment Results Table
PEX1 Payment Results Table - Rows
OPYD Payment Run
OCTG Payment Terms
PYD1 Payment Terms Allowed in Payment Run
OPPT Payment Type
OPWZ Payment Wizard
PWZ1 Payment Wizard - Rows 1
PWZ2 Payment Wizard - Rows 2
PWZ3 Payment Wizard - Rows 3
PWZ4 Payment Wizard - Rows 4
PWZ5 Payment Wizard - Rows 5
PWZ6 Payment Wizard Rows - 6
PDF5 PaymentDraft - vat adjustment
OPFT Portfolio Definitions
ODPT Postdated Deposit
OPWB PWZ - Bank Account
ARC5 Reciept log vat adjustment-History
RCT5 Reciept vat adjustment
OMTH Reconciliation History
OROC Retorno Operation Codes
OSVR Saved Reconciliations
SVR1 Saved Reconciliations - Transaction List
TPW1 Selection Criteria
OPRS Tax Payer Status
OTPW Tax Payment Wizard
TPW3 Utilization and Payment
TPW4 VAT Refund
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