Business Partners

OCLG Activities
OCLA Activity Status
OCLS Activity Subjects
OCLT Activity Types
CRD4 Allowed WTax Codes for BP
ACR4 Allowed WTax Codes for BP - History
AOAT Blanket Agreement
OOAT Blanket Agreement
AOA2 Blanket Agreement - Details
OAT2 Blanket Agreement - Details
AOA4 Blanket Agreement - Recurring Transactions
OAT4 Blanket Agreement - Recurring Transactions
AOA1 Blanket Agreement - Rows
OAT1 Blanket Agreement - Rows
OCRB BP - Bank Account
CRD8 BP Branch Assignment
CRD3 BP Control Account
ACR5 BP Payment Dates
CRD5 BP Payment Dates
OBPP BP Priorities
CRD6 BP's Payer Name
OCRD Business Partner
ACR1 Business Partner Addresses - History
ACRB Business Partner Bank Accounts - History
ACR3 Business Partner Control Accounts - History
CRD1 Business Partners - Addresses
ACRD Business Partners - History
OBPL Business Place
ABPL Business Place
CRD2 Bussiness Partners - Payment Methods
ACR2 Bussiness Partners - Payment Methods-History
ACPN Campaign
OCPN Campaign
CPN1 Campaign - BPs
ACP1 Campaign - BPs
ACP2 Campaign - Items
CPN2 Campaign - Items
ACP3 Campaign - Partners
CPN3 Campaign - Partners
OCRG Card Groups
OCQG Card Properties
OCOG Commission Groups
OCPR Contact Persons
ACPR Contact Persons - History
OSCN Customer/Vendor Cat. No.
ODUN Dunning Letters
OEGP E-Mail Group
ACR7 Fiscal IDs for BP Master Data
CRD7 Fiscal IDs for BP Master Data
AOA3 Item Details: Activity
OAT3 Item Details: Activity
OCLO Meetings Location
CRD9 OCRD Extension
OPRT Partners
ORPT Response Type
OSLP Sales Employee
OTGG Target Group
OTBP Target Group Business Partner
TGG1 Target Group Details
OTER Territories
USR6 User Branch Assignment
OVTP Vendor Type
ODDT Withholding Tax Deduction Hierarchy
DDT1 Withholding Tax Deduction Hierarchy - Rows
AWD3 WTax Codes Details for BP
WTD3 WTax Codes Details for BP
AWD5 WTax Codes Details for Freight
WTD5 WTax Codes Details for Freight
AWD4 WTax Codes Details for Item
WTD4 WTax Codes Details for Item
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