OACG Account Category
OASG Account Segmentation
OASC Account Segmentation Categories
IWZ1 Accounts Revaluation History
OACR Accrual Type
OACM Accumulation
OACK Acknowledge Number
OFAA Asset Attributes
FAA1 Asset Attributes - Rows
OACS Asset Classes
ACS1 Asset Classes - Depreciation Areas
AAC1 Asset Classes - Depreciation Areas - History
AACS Asset Classes - History
AFA2 Asset Document - Area Journal Transactions
AFAD Asset Document - History
AFA1 Asset Document - Rows
OAGS Asset Groups
OBOX Box Definition
BOX2 Box Definition - Accounts
BOX3 Box Definition - Choice
BOX4 Box Definition - Contra Accounts of Accounts
BOX1 Box Definition - Rows
OBOS Box Set Definition
OBGT Budget
BGT2 Budget - Cost Accounting
BGT3 Budget - Cost Accounting Rows
BGT1 Budget - Rows
OBGD Budget Cost Assess. Mthd
OBGS Budget Scenario
OACQ Capitalization
ACQ2 Capitalization - Area Journal Transactions
ACQ3 Capitalization - Item Areas
ACQ1 Capitalization - Rows
OCDC Cash Discount
CDC1 Cash Discount - Rows
OCFL Cash Flow Additional Trans.
OCFW Cash Flow Line Item
OCFH Cash Flow Statement History
CFH1 Cash Flow Statement Report - History - Rows
OCFT Cash Flow Transactions - Rows
CCAL Chinese Chart of Account Level Definition
ODIM Cost Accounting Dimension
OCCT Cost Center Type
ORTT CPI and FC Rates
ORTS CPI and FC Rates for Reports
OACD Credit Memo
ACD2 Credit Memo - Area Journal Transactions
ACD3 Credit Memo - Item Areas
ACD1 Credit Memo - Rows
ISW3 Declaration Rows
ODGL Deduction Group List
OSVT Define Summary VAT Report Type
OADG Depreciation Groups
ODRN Depreciation Run
DRN1 Depreciation Run - Posting
DRN2 Depreciation Run - Posting - Asset
ODPP Depreciation Type Pools
DTP1 Depreciation Types - Rows
ADT1 Depreciation Types - Rows - History
VTR2 Doc. Type Filter
FRC1 Extend Cat. f. Financial Rep.
OFRC Financial Report Categories
OFRT Financial Report Templates
OFYM Financial Year Master
OFAM Fixed Asset Data Migration
FAM1 Fixed Asset Data Migration - Rows
ODPA Fixed Asset Depreciation Areas
ADPA Fixed Asset Depreciation Areas - History
OFAC Fixed Asset Parameter Change
FAC2 Fixed Asset Parameter Change - Period Control Change
FAC1 Fixed Asset Parameter Change - Rows
OFAR Fixed Asset Revaluation
FAR1 Fixed Asset Revaluation - Rows
FIX1 Fixed Asset Transaction - Rows
OFIX Fixed Asset Transactions
OADT Fixed Assets Account Determination
AADT Fixed Assets Account Determination - History
ODTP Fixed Assets Depreciation Types
ADTP Fixed Assets Depreciation Types - History
ODPV Fixed Assets Depreciation Value
OFPC Fixed Assets Fiscal Year Change
AACT G/L Account - History
OGAR G/L Account Advanced Rules
AGAR G/L Account Advanced Rules - History
ODMC G/L Account Determination Criteria - Inventory
ADMC G/L Account Determination Criteria - Inventory - History
OACT G/L Accounts
OGBI GB Interface: Common Info
GBI1 GBI Row 1 - Electronic Account Book
GBI10 GBI Row 10 - Enterprise's Cash Flow Statement
GBI11 GBI Row 11 - Devalue Provision of Enterprise Assets
GBI12 GBI Row 12 - Shareholder's Rights and Interests Changing Report
GBI13 GBI Row 13 - Enterprise's Profit Distribution Report
GBI14 GBI Row 14 - Small Enterprise's Cash Flow Statement
GBI15 GBI Row 15 - Enterprise's VAT Payable Detail Report
GBI16 GBI Row 16 - Employees
GBI2 GBI Row 2 - G/L Account Master Records
GBI3 GBI Row 3 - Departments
GBI4 GBI Row 4 - Business Partners
GBI5 GBI Row 5 - Projects
GBI6 GBI Row 6 - G/L Account Balance
GBI7 GBI Row 7 - Accounting Vouchers
GBI8 GBI Row 8 - Enterprise's Balance Sheet
GBI9 GBI Row 9 - Enterprise's Profit and Loss Statement
OHSV Hasavsevet Journal Entry
OIDC Indicator
IWZ2 Inflation Warehouse Filter
OIWZ Inflation Wizard
CASE Internal Recon. Upgrade 2007A
CASE1 Internal Recon. Upgrade 2007A
ISW2 Intrastat Reported Items
OISW Intrastat Wizard
IWZ3 Items Last Revaluation Data
OJET JE Document Type
OJDT Journal Entry
AJDT Journal Entry - History
AJD1 Journal Entry - History - Rows
JDT1 Journal Entry - Rows
OTRC Journal Entry Codes
BTF1 Journal Voucher - Rows
OBTF Journal Voucher Entry
BTF2 Journal Voucher Withholding Tax - History
OBTD Journal Vouchers List
OMDP Manual Depreciation
MDP2 Manual Depreciation - Area Journal Transactions
MDP3 Manual Depreciation - Item Areas
MDP1 Manual Depreciation - Rows
AMDR Manual Distribution Rule
OMDR Manual Distribution Rule
AMDR1 Manual Distribution Rule - Rows
MDR1 Manual Distribution Rule - Rows
ONFM Nota Fiscal Model
CCPD Period-End Closing
OACP Periods Category
AACP Periods Category-Log
OZRD POS Daily Summary
ZRD1 POS Daily Summary - Totals
OFPR Posting Period
AFPR Posting Period-Log
OTRT Posting Templates
TRT1 Posting Templates - Rows
APRJ Project Codes
OPRJ Project Codes
ORTM Rate Differences
RTM1 Rate Differences - Rows
RTM2 Rate Differences - SC Adjustment Rows
ORCR Recurring Postings
RCR1 Recurring Postings - Rows
ISW1 Reported Business Partners
ORTI Retirement
RTI2 Retirement - Area Journal Transactions
RTI3 Retirement - Item Areas
RTI1 Retirement - Rows
VTR3 Series Filter
OSHR Shareholder's Rights and Interests Report History
SHR1 Shareholder's Rights and Interests Report History - Rows
SCM3 Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Configuration Rule Additional Calculations: Material
SCR3 Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Configuration Rule Additional Calculations: Revenues & Expenses
SCM1 Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Configuration Rule Conditions: Material
SCR1 Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Configuration Rule Conditions: Revenues & Expenses
SCM2 Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Configuration Rule Goals: Material
SCR2 Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Configuration Rule Goals: Revenues & Expenses
OSCM Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Configuration Rules: Material
OSCR Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Configuration Rules: Revenues & Expenses
SLM1 Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Report Lines: Material
SLR1 Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Report Lines: Revenues & Expenses
OSLM Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Report: Material
OSLR Special Ledger - Analytical Accounting Report: Revenues & Expenses
AVT1 Tax Definition
AVTG Tax Definition
AWH1 Tax Definition
OVTG Tax Definition
VTG1 Tax Definition
VTR1 Tax Groups
OVTR Tax Report
OKRT Tax Report Type
OJST TDS Adjustment
JST1 TDS Adjustment - Rows
OFTR Transfer
FTR2 Transfer - Area Journal Transactions
FTR3 Transfer - Item Areas
FTR1 Transfer - Rows
OUTX Unreported VAT Transactions
UTX1 Unreported VAT Transactions - Rows
OUWTX Unreported WTax Transactions
AWH3 Value Range
WHT3 Value Range
AWD2 Value Ranges
WTD2 Value Ranges
OVRW VAT Reposting Wizard
VRW1 VAT Reposting Wizard - Rows 1
VRW2 VAT Reposting Wizard - Rows 2
VRW3 VAT Reposting Wizard - Rows 3
OTAX VAT Transactions
TAX1 VAT Transactions - Rows
AWHT Withholding Tax
OWHT Withholding Tax
AJD2 Withholding Tax - History
JDT2 Withholding Tax - History
AWD1 Withholding Tax Dates
WTD1 Withholding Tax Dates
ODDG Withholding Tax Deduction Groups
AWTD Withholding Tax Definition
OWTD Withholding Tax Definition
WHT1 Withholding Tax Definition
WHT2 Withholding Tax Definition - Rows2
OWTT Withholding Tax Type
AWH2 WTax Definition - Rows2
OWTX WTax Transactions
UWTX1 WTax Transactions - Rows
WTX1 WTax Transactions - Rows
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