Inventory and Production

IMT1 Acct data in selected template
OMRL Advanced Inventory Revaluation
OALI Alternative Items 2
OAIM Archive Inventory Message
AIT13 Asset Attributes
ITM13 Asset Attributes
ITM8 Asset Item Balances
AIT8 Asset Item Balances - History
ITM7 Asset Item Depreciation Params
AIT7 Asset Item Depreciation Params - History
AIT6 Asset Item Distribution Rules
ITM6 Asset Item Distribution Rules
AIT11 Asset Item Period Control
ITM11 Asset Item Period Control
ITM5 Asset Item Projects
AIT5 Asset Item Projects - History
ABAT Attribute - History
OBCD Bar Code Master Data
ODBN Bat. Nos - Draft - Master Data
OBTW Batch Attributes in Location
ABTW Batch Attributes in Location
ODBW Batch Draft Attribs in Locat.
OBTQ Batch No. Quantities
IWB1 Batch No. Quantities Backup
OBTN Batch Numbers Master Data
UBTN Batch Numbers Master Data
ABTN Batch Numbers Master Data
ITT1 Bill of Materials - Components
ATT1 Bill of Materials - Components - History
OBFC Bin Field Configuration
ABFC Bin Field Configuration - History
OBIN Bin Location
ABIN Bin Location - History
OBAT Bin Location Attribute
OBTL Bin Transaction Log
IMT11 Calculated expression's constituent with sign for specifying account in specific template
OARG Customs Groups
OCYC Cycle
OCCS Cycle Count Determination
CCS1 Cycle Count Determination- Subtable
OOFR Defect Cause
IGE7 Delivery Packages - Goods Issue
AEDG Discount Groups
OEDG Discount Groups
EDG1 Discount Groups Rows
ADG1 Discount Groups Rows
ENT1 Entry - Rows
OIVE FIFO Based Sales Return
SIVE FIFO Based Sales Return
UIVE FIFO Based Sales Return
OIVQ FIFO Queue Working Table
SIVQ FIFO Queue Working Table
UIVQ FIFO Queue Working Table
IGE15 Gds Issue - Drawn Dpm Applied
IGN15 Gds Rcpt - Drawn Dpm Applied
OIGE Goods Issue
IGE14 Goods Issue - Assembly - Rows
IGE19 Goods Issue - Bin Allocation Data
IGE21 Goods Issue - Document Reference Information
IGE9 Goods Issue - Drawn Dpm
IGE11 Goods Issue - Drawn Dpm Detail
IGE3 Goods Issue - Freight
IGE2 Goods Issue - Freight - Rows
IGE6 Goods Issue - Installments
IGE10 Goods Issue - Row Structure
IGE1 Goods Issue - Rows
IGE16 Goods Issue - SnB properties
IGE4 Goods Issue - Tax Amount per Document
IGE12 Goods Issue - Tax Extension
IGE5 Goods Issue - Withholding Tax
IGE13 Goods Issue Rows - Distributed Expenses
OIGN Goods Receipt
IGN14 Goods Receipt - Assembly - Rows
IGN19 Goods Receipt - Bin Allocation Data
IGN7 Goods Receipt - Delivery Packages
IGN21 Goods Receipt - Document Reference Information
IGN9 Goods Receipt - Drawn Dpm
IGN11 Goods Receipt - Drawn Dpm Det
IGN3 Goods Receipt - Freight
IGN2 Goods Receipt - Freight - Rows
IGN8 Goods Receipt - Items in Package
IGN10 Goods Receipt - Row Structure
IGN1 Goods Receipt - Rows
IGN16 Goods Receipt - SnB properties
IGN4 Goods Receipt - Tax Amount per Document
IGN12 Goods Receipt - Tax Extension
IGN5 Goods Receipt - Withholding Tax
IGN13 Goods Receipt Rows - Distributed Expenses
IGN6 Goods Receipt- Installments
OCHP India Chapter ID
OOSR Information Source
OOIN Interest
OOIR Interest Level
OIRT Interest Prices
WTR15 Inv. Transfer - Drawn Dpm Appl
WTR11 Inv. Transfer - Drawn Dpm Det.
WTQ15 Inv. Transfer Request - Drawn Dpm Appl
WTQ11 Inv. Transfer Request - Drawn Dpm Det.
ILM2 Inventory Account Substitute
UILM2 Inventory Account Substitute
AIN3 Inventory Count - SnB
AQR3 Inventory Count - SnB
INC3 Inventory Count - SnB
ICD3 Inventory Count Draft - SnB
AINC Inventory Counting
OINC Inventory Counting
AIN9 Inventory Counting - Individual Counter - Row Counted Qty
INC11 Inventory Counting - Individual Counter - Row SnB
AIN8 Inventory Counting - Individual Counters
INC8 Inventory Counting - Individual Counters
INC9 Inventory Counting - Individual Counters - Row Counted Qty
AIN11 Inventory Counting - Individual Counters - Row SnB
AIN10 Inventory Counting - Individual Counters - Row UoM
INC10 Inventory Counting - Individual Counters - Row UoM
AIN1 Inventory Counting - Rows
INC1 Inventory Counting - Rows
INC5 Inventory Counting - Team Counter - Row Counted Qty
AIN7 Inventory Counting - Team Counter - Row SnB
INC7 Inventory Counting - Team Counter - Row SnB
AIN6 Inventory Counting - Team Counter - Row UoM
INC6 Inventory Counting - Team Counter - Row UoM
AIN4 Inventory Counting - Team Counters
INC4 Inventory Counting - Team Counters
AIN5 Inventory Counting - Team Counters - Row Counted Qty
AIN2 Inventory Counting - UoM
AQR2 Inventory Counting - UoM
INC2 Inventory Counting - UoM
OICD Inventory Counting Draft
ICD9 Inventory Counting Draft - Individual Counter - Row Counted Qty
ICD11 Inventory Counting Draft - Individual Counter - Row SnB
ICD10 Inventory Counting Draft - Individual Counter - Row UoM
ICD8 Inventory Counting Draft - Individual Counters
ICD1 Inventory Counting Draft - Rows
ICD5 Inventory Counting Draft - Team Counter - Row Counted Qty
ICD7 Inventory Counting Draft - Team Counter - Row SnB
ICD6 Inventory Counting Draft - Team Counter - Row UoM
ICD4 Inventory Counting Draft - Team Counters
ICD2 Inventory Counting Draft - UoM
OILM Inventory Log Message
AIQI Inventory Opening Balance
OIQI Inventory Opening Balance
AQI1 Inventory Opening Balance - Rows
IQI1 Inventory Opening Balance - Rows
AQI2 Inventory Opening Balance - SnB
IQI2 Inventory Opening Balance - SnB
OIOD Inventory Opening Balance Draft
IOD1 Inventory Opening Balance Draft - Rows
IOD2 Inventory Opening Balance Draft - SnB
AIQR Inventory Posting
OIQR Inventory Posting
AQR1 Inventory Posting - Rows
IQR1 Inventory Posting - Rows
IQR3 Inventory Posting - SnB
IQR2 Inventory Posting - UoM
OIPD Inventory Posting Draft
IPD1 Inventory Posting Draft - Rows
IPD3 Inventory Posting Draft - SnB
IPD2 Inventory Posting Draft - UoM
OMRV Inventory Revaluation
AMRV Inventory Revaluation - History
AMR1 Inventory Revaluation - History - Rows
MRV2 Inventory Revaluation FIFO Rows
AMR2 Inventory Revaluation FIFO Rows (Archive)
MRV1 Inventory Revaluation Information Array
IVLG Inventory Revaluation Log File
OITL Inventory Transactions Log
OWTR Inventory Transfer
WTR14 Inventory Transfer - Assembly - Rows
WTR19 Inventory Transfer - Bin Allocation Data
WTR7 Inventory Transfer - Delivery Packages
WTR21 Inventory Transfer - Document Reference Information
WTR9 Inventory Transfer - Drawn Dpm
WTR3 Inventory Transfer - Freight
WTR2 Inventory Transfer - Freight - Rows
WTR6 Inventory Transfer - Installments
WTR8 Inventory Transfer - Items in Package
WTR10 Inventory Transfer - Row Structure
WTR1 Inventory Transfer - Rows
WTR16 Inventory Transfer - SnB properties
WTR4 Inventory Transfer - Tax Amount per Document
WTR12 Inventory Transfer - Tax Extension
WTR5 Inventory Transfer - Withholding Tax
OWTQ Inventory Transfer Request
WTQ14 Inventory Transfer Request - Assembly - Rows
WTQ19 Inventory Transfer Request - Bin Allocation Data
WTQ7 Inventory Transfer Request - Delivery Packages
WTQ21 Inventory Transfer Request - Document Reference Information
WTQ9 Inventory Transfer Request - Drawn DPM
WTQ3 Inventory Transfer Request - Freight
WTQ2 Inventory Transfer Request - Freight - Rows
WTQ6 Inventory Transfer Request - Installments
WTQ8 Inventory Transfer Request - Items in Package
WTQ10 Inventory Transfer Request - Row Structure
WTQ1 Inventory Transfer Request - Rows
WTQ16 Inventory Transfer Request - SnB Properties
WTQ4 Inventory Transfer Request - Tax Amount per Document
WTQ12 Inventory Transfer Request - Tax Extension
WTQ5 Inventory Transfer Request - Withholding Tax
WTQ13 Inventory Transfer Request Rows - Distributed Freights
WTR13 Inventory Transfer Rows - Distributed Freights
IVRU Inventory Valuation Utility
OSTQ Inventory Valuation Utility Queries
OIBQ Item - Bin Accumulator
AIT1 Item - Prices - History
OBBQ Item - Serial/Batch - Bin Accumulator
OSBQ Item - Serial/Batch - Bin Accumulator
AIT9 Item - UoM Prices
ITM9 Item - UoM Prices
ITW1 Item Count Alert
OIGW Item Group - Warehouse
AIGW Item Group - Warehouse - History
OITB Item Groups
AITB Item Groups - History
OITG Item Properties
OITM Items
SITM Items
UITM Items
AITM Items - History
ITM3 Items - Localization Fields
AIT3 Items - Localization Fields - History
ITM2 Items - Multiple Preferred Vendors
AIT2 Items - Multiple Preferred Vendors - History
ITM1 Items - Prices
OITW Items - Warehouse
SITW Items - Warehouse
UITW Items - Warehouse
AITW Items - Warehouse - History
OIWB Items - Warehouse Counting Data Backup
IGE8 Items in Package - Goods Issue
CIVI IVI Config File
UILM IVI Inventory Log Message
LIVI1 IVI Log Array File
IVL1 IVL Layer Level
SIVL1 IVL Layer Level
UIVL1 IVL Layer Level
OIPF Landed Costs
IPF2 Landed Costs - Costs
IPF3 Landed Costs - Customs Summary
IPF1 Landed Costs - Rows
OLGT Length Units
OLCT Location
OMRC Manufacturers
AMGP Material Group
OMGP Material Group
ILM3 Non-Inventory and Resource Components Log Msg
UILM3 Non-Inventory and Resource Components Log Msg
ITM10 OITM Extension
ITM4 Package in Items
OPKG Package Types
OPKL Pick List
APKL Pick List - History
PKL1 Pick List - Rows
AKL1 Pick List - Rows - History
AKL2 Pick List for SnB and Bin Details
PKL2 Pick List for SnB and Bin Details
APLN Price Lists
OPLN Price Lists
OPSC Product Source Code
OITT Product Tree
AITT Product Tree - History
OWKO Production Instructions
UWKO Production Instructions
UWKO1 Production Instructions - Rows
WKO1 Production Instructions - Rows
OWOR Production Order
UWOR Production Order
AWO3 Production Order - (Closure) - History
AWO2 Production Order - Base
UWO2 Production Order - Base
WOR2 Production Order - Base
WOR2V Production Order - Base
UWOR3 Production Order - Closure
WOR3 Production Order - Closure
AWOR Production Order - History
UWOR1 Production Order - Rows
WOR1 Production Order - Rows
AWO1 Production Order (Rows) - History
ORTL Resource Transaction Log
RTL1 Resource Transaction Log
ORCN Retail Chains
OSRW Serial No. Attribs in Location
OSRQ Serial No. Quantities
IWB2 Serial No. Quantities Backup
ASRN Serial Numbers Master Data
OSRN Serial Numbers Master Data
USRN Serial Numbers Master Data
OSCG Service Category
OENT Shipping Types
OISL Simulation Log File
ODSW SN Draft Attribs in Location
ODSN SNs - Draft - Master Data
ASPP Special Prices
OSPP Special Prices
ASP1 Special Prices - Data Areas
SPP1 Special Prices - Data Areas
ASP2 Special Prices - Quantity Areas
SPP2 Special Prices - Quantity Areas
OSPG Special Prices for Groups
ILM1 Srl & Batch Det of Inv Log Msg
UILM1 Srl & Batch Det of Inv Log Msg
ITL1 Srl & Batch Details in Transac
OIMT Templates for Inventory JE
AUGP UoM Group
OUGP UoM Group
AUG1 UoM Group Detail
UGP1 UoM Group Detail
ITM12 UoM in Item
AUOM UoM Master Data
OUOM UoM Master Data
VLG1 Validation of Recalc. From To
OBSL Warehouse Sublevel
ABSL Warehouse Sublevel - History
OWHS Warehouses
AWHS Warehouses - History
OWGT Weight Units
OIVL Whse Journal
SIVL Whse Journal
UIVL Whse Journal
OWTC WTax Certificates
WTC2 WTax Certificates - Docs in WT Groups
WTC1 WTax Certificates - WT Groups in Certificates
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